It is a legal requirement to have your emergency lighting equipment tested every six months in accordance with the Australian Standards AS2293 Part 2 (1995).   In addition to this, by testing your emergency lighting equipment you are also exercising your 'Duty of CareÔÇØ to your tenants/customers and protecting your company from liability claims.
In the event of an electrical failure or other emergency, it is imperative the emergency lighting system in your building is working in order for people to safely and quickly make their way out of the building.
We perform on site testing of emergency and exit lighting systems, including central battery systems,  in accordance with Australian Standard AS2293 Part 2 (1995) to identify faults, repair them and ensure your systems are fully operational in case of an emergency.
We will take the hassle out of this part of your maintenance program.  As part of our on-going service to you, we will contact you every six months to advise a test is due and organize a suitable date and time.  Our technicians are available 7 days a week so testing can be undertaken at a time that suits you and minimizes interruption to your tenants/customers.  Once our test is complete a report will follow detailing any faults found and providing a quotation for works to be undertaken.  Upon completion of the required repairs certification will be automatically issued.